We have implemented a team approach here at Lakeshore Primary Care Associates to better coordinate the care of our patients. We currently have 2 teams of Providers made up of Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners. When you call for an appointment, please keep in mind, if the provider you are requesting does not have an appointment available we will offer you another member on their team who has availability.


Red Team

Dr. Kristen Robillard
Dr. Lisa Forehand
Dr. Alexandra D’Angelo
Kathy Schiele, PA
Melissa Juliano, PA

Blue Team

Dr. Michael Kane
Dr. Maria Matala-Sullivan
Dr. Jessica Ogorchock
Dr. Kristina Semidey
Dennis McGoldrick, PA
Sara Burgio, NP
Kristen Batt, PA


***If our pediatrician, Dr. Sarah Cook, does not have any appointments available, you will be asked to schedule the appointment with any of our available providers.

Sign up for the Patient Portal today! The patient portal is a great way to communicate with the office and directly with your doctor in regards to medical questions, prescription refills, lab/xray results, and appointment dates/times. Ask the front desk for details!

Urgent/sick VISITS: It is important for you to call the office when you need to be seen on an urgent basis to allow us to provide that care. Please make sure you call us at 646-1084 before going to an Urgent Care Center when our office is open. We also have providers who are on call when the office is closed. Please call 208-4790 to reach the provider on call if you need to speak with someone during off hours. This is another way we can be of help to you and direct you to take the appropriate action. We will be able to determine the degree of your health problem and determine if it is best for you to go to an Urgent Care Facility.

We are your first option and can help you make the best decision of how to resolve your problem. If it is a true emergency, go directly to an emergency room or call 911 for immediate intervention. Stay connected with the providers who know you best.

SPECIALIST/REFERRALS: If you feel you might need to see a specialist we can direct you to the most appropriate specialist for your condition. Please call us before making an appointment with a specialist for any problem, even if your insurance doesn’t require a referral.


Our office policy:

– Patients ages 0-18 are required to have a physical yearly.

– Patients ages 19-54 with *no significant medical history – are required to have a physical every 2 years.

– Patients ages 19-54 with a significant medical history are – required to have a physical yearly.

– Patients ages 55 or above are required to have a physical -yearly.


*No significant medical history means: no surgeries, no current problems for which you are medicated, no allergic reactions, no routine medications, things of that nature.